Exhibited in Milan international furniture fair in 2008, As a result of  design+industry workshop.
There were a collection of international designers from different countries USA, Germany, Japan and Italy. See more


Freelance project for IS, The Main task is to design more than one option for each suite in the hotel with luxury touch dividing the space regarding activities. See more

Circle of privacy
Research based project focus on the key issues of  concentricity  and user psychology  to apply the concept of  privacy in work place environment. See more

From Design to Manufacture


is an innovative product that help people to exercise and share game physically and mentally in different environments, the equipment used by two or more persons to play a video game which is controlled via physical activity. See More

sense of a woman

Female beauty center design based in Dammam Saudi Arabia  PRIMADONA designed to match the classic ornaments with the female touch . See more  


I commissioned to make the interior design for this flat in 2007 .The layout design No.11 was the final one, and many changes has been done during the finishing time.See more

Office Expo
Office Expo is an exhibition for the office furniture companies in middle east that export products in 2009.
The duration of the project was 30 days and three days for installation before opening. See more

Back to the furture

Research based project about using high - technology in the interior design of  showrooms in museums and that is the proposal produced in the final stage of the research. See More

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